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Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Names Galen College of Nursing Team Kentucky All-Star

Galen College of Nursing Named Team Kentucky All-Star by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear

Galen College of Nursing was named this week’s Team Kentucky All-Star during Gov. Andy Beshear’s weekly Team Kentucky update, for its support of healthcare facilities in need during the fight against the recent COVID surge.

Nursing students from Galen have joined local hospitals and healthcare teams in need by offering assistance with testing, clinical needs, and other services.  Galen’s Dean Lisa Peak, MSN, RN, CNE, said, “Upon reaching out to facility partners, the need is great.  From the fundamentals of nursing care to the need for help with covid testing, to simply having people in the facilities who can help with patient flow with hospitals at capacity, and shortages in staffing across the board.  And we will continue to look for ways we can provide support in any form.”

During the update, Gov. Beshear welcomed the College’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Vogt; Dean of the Louisville and Hazard Campuses, Lisa Peak MSN, RN, CNE; Director of Clinical Education Dr. Brittney Welch, DNP, RN; and three students: Sophia Allen, Jaquar Morris and Sabrina Hale.

“This will make a huge difference in our fight against COVID, while also offering these students real-life training,” said Gov. Beshear. “Thank you. What you and these students are doing is the true spirit of Team Kentucky. We are grateful for your bravery and dedication to caring for our people, supporting our healthcare teams and furthering education in such a critical field. For that, I am honored to name Galen College of Nursing’s students and staff this week’s Team Kentucky All-Stars.”

Said Galen CEO, Mark Vogt, “As a college dedicated to educating future nurses, we have a duty to help.  We must set the example to rise to the position of our profession to help meet the needs of our communities.  Because that’s what nurses do.  We see it time and time again in the news, across the country, the tireless work being done.”

As the largest educator of nurses in the state, Galen acknowledged the responsibility early in the pandemic to offer assistance wherever it was needed.  Galen students and clinical faculty have spent over 4,600 hours assisting with Covid mitigation efforts.  This includes efforts with Louisville Metro delivering over 100,000 vaccines at Broadbent Arena, a partnership with the Kentucky Nurses Association completing thousands of COVID tests, and vaccinating underserved populations, as well as work with Pearl Medical to provide thousands of COVID tests to the community.

Continued Vogt, “Unprecedented times call for new ways of thinking and problem solving.  In this most vulnerable of times in our history, our student nurses have the opportunity to truly serve while learning invaluable lessons.  Any nurse can tell you that the opportunity to serve, to make an impact, is why they are nurses. Galen College of Nursing is dedicated to supporting the nursing workforce and all healthcare facilities who are helping care for us and our families, and to looking for additional ways that we can assist those in need.”

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