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Meet Your Deans and Program Directors

Lacey G. Bass, Vocational Nursing Program Director (San Antonio)

DNP, MSN, RN, CNE Although a lot of Dr. Bass’s work happens “behind the scenes,” students should know that she’s always a willing resource and is happy to help students achieve their goals in the VN program and beyond. Hobbies?  I am a huge football fan, both college and NFL, and am currently in two fantasy football leagues. In general, I love all sports, especially involving the Texas Longhorns – Hook’em Horns! Favorite band?  I love Texas music, country, classic rock, but listen to a little of everything. I really enjoy live music so going to concerts and Texas music venues are things I like to do. Advice to incoming students? For the time you are in the nursing program, commit yourself to it fully.  It’s hard work, but the things worth having in life usually are. And the reward is life-changing.

Kathy Burlingame, Dean of Online Programs

EdD, MSN, RN, PHN, CNE As the Dean of Online Programs, Dr. Burlingame serves the students, faculty, and staff in the Online RN to BSN program and is one of the leaders of Galen’s online team. Favorite Galen memory? One of my greatest joys was seeing several of our graduates become nurse educators at Galen. Children? We have three sons and one daughter, and eleven delightful grandchildren under the age of ten! Our family gatherings are noisy and fun. Advice for incoming students? Develop a spirit of inquiry, learn and absorb as much as you can, read, and do just a little bit more than what is expected, because you are investing in yourself and your career.

Lisa Peak, Dean of Louisville Campus

MSN, RN, CNE You’re likely to meet Lisa Peak in the hallway or in a classroom as she introduces herself to students. She believes that nurses are one of the most important aspects of our healthcare system. “In order for the health of the nation to improve, we need dedicated and highly educated nurses.” Any children? Three sons and a daughter who is a nurse in the ER. Hobbies? Gardening and cooking. Favorite Food: Crunchy Cheetos Favorite Galen memory? The Louisville Flood of 2018. It was such a stressful time, but the faculty, staff and students rose to the occasion and we had an awesome week learning and working off-campus.

Glen F. Cornwall, Dean of Tampa Bay Campus

MSN, RN, currently pursuing his PhD As Dean, Glen Cornwall supervises faculty and oversees student satisfaction and success. He truly believes that he can make a difference in the Nursing profession through his work at Galen, and he loves attending every Orientation, Awards Ceremony and Graduation! Children? Two daughters. Hobbies? Musician. Favorite Band? Bob Marley and the Wailers, Sting, House of Shem, Beatles Advice for incoming students? Stay focused on being successful and always keep in mind: (1) Galen provides several resources to assist you in achieving success; (2) Nursing is the best profession in the universe; (3) Progress only travels in a positive direction.

Tara Dailey, Dean of San Antonio Campus

MSN, RN As Dean of the San Antonio Campus, Tara Dailey enjoys interacting with students, particularly in the elevators when they are least expecting it! Favorite Galen memory? This is just one of several, but every year the SA campus staff and faculty dress up for Halloween.  It’s a BIG DEAL!  This past year, academic leadership dressed up as the Trolls and went from class to class giving out candy as we danced to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Favorite food? Sushi!  Chocolate is a very close second. What’s one thing you wish someone had told you when you were a nursing student?  Nursing is a team sport. It is not possible to go it alone.

Stephanie Muminovic, ADN Program Director (Cincinnati)

ADN, BS in Recombinant Genetics, MS in Nursing, Leadership and Management As the ADN Program Director, Stephanie Muminovic is responsible for reporting to the faculty and the Board of Nursing. You’ll meet her at Orientation and she’ll also introduce herself in your classrooms. Children, hobbies, favorite food? I have three children, like to be outside, and any food is a great thing! Favorite Galen memory? The day I graduated from Galen. Advice for incoming students? Goals are easy to make, but they can be difficult to achieve. So, my advice is to remember the reason that you started the program. When things are tough and stress is high, remember that you are making the sacrifice now so that you may reap the benefits later.

Kelly Ramey, Associate Program Director (Hazard)

MSA, MSN, RN, CNE As Associate Program Director, Kelly Ramey is the link between the Louisville campus leadership and faculty, and the Hazard faculty. She provides academic support to the students through tutoring and one-on-one support. Favorite Galen memory? My current favorite memory is the first day of classes for the Hazard campus. We opened our doors on March 31, 2017 and will graduate our first group in October of this year. That will be my next favorite memory. Children and/or pets? Two kids, both in their thirties, three cats and one Welsh Corgi – and one husband that I have had since 1984. Hobbies? I love to read and watch old MGM musicals.

Judith Rudokas, Dean of Cincinnati Campus

MS/MEd, RN Open Forums with the student advisory council members are held every quarter for students to meet with the Dean, Program Directors, the Operations Director, faculty, and staff.  These forums provide valuable student feedback that promotes changes and improvements for the program.  Students are also welcome to schedule personal meeting times with the Dean or any member of the administrative team to discuss any questions or concerns about the program. What motivates you to come to work each day? I am motivated to provide a positive learning environment for students to become caring, competent nurses to fulfill the needs of the healthcare facilities in the surrounding communities. Favorite Galen memory? My favorite memories at Galen are the quarterly graduation ceremonies. I love being a part of each student’s journey to fulfill her or his dream of becoming a nurse.

Gayle Russell, Associate Program Director (Tampa)

PhD, MSN, RN Dr. Russell is a dyed-in-the-cotton quilter and is addicted to textiles. Her favorite foods are chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate. She also loves attending Galen graduation ceremonies, when she gets to congratulate every one of the graduates as they cross the stage. Favorite Band? Only one?!?!? Beatles, Bee Gees, Chicago, Bon Jovi, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass… Children? I have three children – a daughter, a son, and one child who loves playing with all the big toys, will never grow up, and will never leave home… because I married him! Advice for incoming students? Hold on to your dreams! Always remember, “this too shall pass,” and the sun WILL come up in the morning.

Dolores White, BSN Program Director (Louisville)

DNP, MSN in Nursing Education, BSN, ADN, CNE Dr. White’s role at Galen College is to facilitate the Prelicensure BSN Program and promote student success. One thing you wish someone had told you when you were a nursing student? I wish someone had told me the importance of continuing higher learning as a nursing student. I started with my ADN and after I graduated, I waited 8 years before pursuing my BSN, which is why I talk to students now about always setting that next goal. Nursing is a lifelong learning journey! Favorite food? Mexican. Advice for incoming students? Remember, you can do this! Organization, studying, and practicing are key to success.

Vanessa Wise, BSN/ADN Program Director (San Antonio)

EdD, MSN, RN, CNE As Program Director, Dr. Wise’s role is to oversee our BSN and ADN nursing programs through collaboration with administration, peers, staff, and students. Why do you work at Galen? Being an educator is my dream job. I love being a nurse and I love to teach, so the natural scheme for me was to marry the two entities and become a nurse educator.  Galen’s culture allows me the flexibility to educate and lead the next generation of registered nurses. Children? I have two children, eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Hobbies? Spending time with family, traveling, hiking, coloring, making jewelry, and scrapbooking. Advice for incoming students? My advice for incoming students is to develop a study plan, learn how to study smart, seek assistance early as needed, and find a good balance between your personal and educational life.